Get the word out with a Letter Writing Campaign!

The first step toward reaching your fundraising goal is to write to friends, coworkers, family, and other potential donors. The purpose of the fundraising letter is to tell people what you're doing (e.g., riding 300 miles?! What?!), why you're doing it (to help find a cure for kids brain tumors), and what they can do to help. These letters can be tailored to meet your interests, and the interests of your potential donors. You can download some letter templates from your fundraising webpage as a good starting point, and then personalize away! 

If you're having trouble getting started, here are 5 easy steps for writing a fundraising letter:

1. Identify the need you are trying to address (current treatments for pediatric brain tumors have not changed in over 25 years, existing treatments are toxic).
2. Explain why it is important to you (e.g., My child/niece/nephew/grandchild etc. was diagnosed with a brain tumor…tell your story).
3. Share what you are doing about it (e.g., This September, I will be riding my bike from NYC to Boston in a personal challenge to raise awareness about pediatric brain cancer).
4. Ask your donor to take a specific action (e.g., Will you support me with a donation of $50?).
5. Stop talking! Let the person answer your questions. 
Remember, you're not asking for money for yourself. You're asking for a donation to support pediatric brain cancer research and A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure, a cause that's really important to you.

Children should fight for their dreams, not for their lives!

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