Get Creative! 

Here are some fun ways to boost your fundraising. If you have an idea that's not here, let us know so we can add it!

Fun "business" cards - go to, for example, where you can create cards of all types.  Add a photo of you with the link back to your fundraising page. Be sure to put a clear "ask" for support on them! Hand them out to everyone you see. Feel free to use images from A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure website.
Pint Night - Ask your local brew pub to host a pint night to your benefit! See if they will donate $1 per pint purchased. Choose a mellow night of the week, when they are happy to have more customers Invite everyone you know.
Email Signature - Instead of a quote, inspire people with your commitment to raise money for A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure. Put it in your signature, with a link back to your fundraising page.
Voicemail Greeting - Update your voicemail greeting to let people know about your fundraising campaign and that you need their support.
YouTube - Create a video of your personal story, and why you're raising money for A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure.  Post it to YouTube, Facebook, your fundraising page, attach it to your email signature. 
Raffle - Ask your local businesses for merchandise, gift cards, etc, then have a party and raffle them off.
Throw a party! - Invite your friends, charge a small amount for food and drink, and ask for an additional donation at the door. Those who have already donated can get in for free, as a thank you! This can also be a great venue for a raffle. 
Sell your crafts Have a special talent? Make something unique and personal like pottery, knit hats, pins, posters, t-shirts, postcards, jewelry, woodwork. Find something meaningful that people would love to make a donation for.
Exchange your time - Offer to walk your friend's dog, babysit, wash a car, tend a garden, tidy up a garage.  The list is endless. Spend time helping friends and family in exchange for their support.
Matching Grants - Be sure to remind your donors to ask if their company offers a matching grant program. This is a great way to get your donations doubled!
Donation Jars - Create a few jars that you can leave by the register at places you frequent-- your favorite coffee shop, bike shop, health food or grocery store.
Poker Night - Who doesn't love playing cards, especially for a good cause? Invite your friends over for an evening, and all winnings support your fundraising campaign.
Bake Sale - Spend a day baking with your friends, and trade your goodies for donations.
Garage, Attic, Tag Sale - Got years of clutter piling up on shelves and in corners? Now's the time to clean it out. Be sure to let treasure-hunters know that all proceeds from your sale benefit A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure and pediatric brain cancer research! Not only will they haggle less, but you might even get donations from complete strangers!
eBay - If there are real winners in your attic or basement, post them on eBay, and let buyers know you're selling it to raise money.
Handyman - Offer your skills. If you're handy, there's always someone who needs plumbing, mechanical work, electrical wiring, help painting, cleaning gutters, and other fix-it house work.
Piggy Banks - Make fun, decorated change jars and give them to your friends and family, and ask them to collect their change for a month. Get your kids to help with the decorations! 
Spin for a Day - Do a spin-a-thon with your teammates at the gym. Put up fliers to let other gym members know why you'll be doing a spin-relay all day. Ask if you can set up a table next to the spin bike with donation forms, a donation jar, an info sign-up sheet, and fliers or postcards about your fundraising campaign for A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure.

As always, we thank you for your generosity and helping us to find a cure for kids' brain tumors!

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