Running For Gabe

A personal campaign sponsored by Darlene Jones

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On November 14, 2015 I will be participating in the Richmond Marathon in honor of a very special young man, Gabriel Loeser. Whenever I get to the point of wanting to give up I remember those that are fighting a battle much more difficult than running a marathon.  There are many great organizations but the one that is specifically funding research for a cure of Gabe's type of tumor is (ACBTC).

Gabriel was admitted to the hospital on January 13, 2014 after an MRI discovered a brain tumor. On January 16, 2014 Gabriel underwent a seven-hour brain surgery to remove as much tumor as they safely could and to retrieve a tumor sample to test. The neurosurgeon was able to remove approximately 40% of the tumor and the pathology showed he had an Optic Pathway Low Grade Glioma (a slow growing tumor). Gabriel had lost 50% of his vision in both eyes. He was able to start a “watch and wait” treatment protocol because his tumor was slow growing. In December 2014 the tumor began growing and the March 2015 MRI showed additional growth as well. On April 9th he started started a 58 week chemotherapy regimen. He had his first MRI since starting treatment on June 30 and his tumor had reduced by 35%!

Thank you for supporting me in my fundraising efforts for A Kids' Brain Tumor Cure Foundation. With your help, we will be able to find less toxic treatments and a cure for children like Gabe battling brain cancer!